Türkiye (TUR) vs. Italy (ITA) women - Pool 1 - Preliminary Phase #4836988

The Volleyball Nations League (VNL) is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with Vodafone for the Women’s VNL Pool in Antalya, utilising cutting-edge match technologies to track every play, point and performance statistic. For the first time in Turkey, these statistics will be transmitted instantly and flawlessly to broadcasters worldwide, facilitated by Vodafone’s robust 5G network, promising an unprecedented viewing experience that connects fans with real-time data.

Vodafone, which has secured the world's most extensive sponsorship deal for women's volleyball and women's sports in Türkiye, is leading the integration of advanced match technologies in Antalya. This includes tracking service speed, spike speed, and providing animation and video support which contribute to referees' match management.

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Volleyball World CEO, Finn Taylor

Volleyball World CEO Finn Taylor commented:

“Each year, the VNL strives to elevate the fan experience, and Vodafone's integration of 5G technology in Antalya this season represents a significant leap forward in our technological capabilities. Through real-time stats and data, we're not only enhancing the broadcast experience but also bringing the best of the sport directly to fans, heightening their engagement and connection to the game.”


Vodafone Türkiye CEO Engin Aksoy

Vodafone Türkiye CEO Engin Aksoy said:

“As Vodafone, we persist in bolstering volleyball through our technological prowess throughout the VNL. Undertaking the advanced match technologies deployed in Antalya's matches, we obtained our BTK permits at Antalya Sports Hall and implemented 5G infrastructure. We address the system's internet demands through 5G. We also facilitate instantaneous transmission of match statistics and measurements to global broadcasters. Thus, our utilisation of 5G technology clears the path for international sports competitions hosted in Türkiye to seamlessly reach global audiences with minimal delay. We envision these efforts as a precedent for the future.”

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