Volleyball Nations League 2021 - News

RV WU18 THAvsPUR (22)

Thailand and Puerto Rico delivered the last performance in Pool C at the 2021 FIVB Girls’ U18 World Championship in Durango, Mexico, with a positive outcome for the Asian side.

Both teams book a spot in the play-offs that start on Sunday, where Thailand is scheduled to play Brazil (second in Pool D) and Puerto Rico goes head to heat against Russia (first in Pool D).

Thailand prevailed over Puerto Rico in a close win, scoring on twenty-six opponent errors and limiting their own to fourteen points. The Asian team did better in their blocking system with a considerable 10-5 advantage, but Puerto Rico’s scored more points on attack than Thailand (40-35); and both teams finished with four serving points.

Outside hitter and captain Donphon Sinpho was Thailand’s top scorer with 14 points, accompanied by Ampha Sonsurat with 11 points. Puerto Rican opposite hitter Ana Beatriz Fuertes led all scorers with 17 points and outside hitter Valeria Pagan scored ten points.

"I am still not satisfied with my teams' performance" commented Kritideach Arjwichai, Head Coach of Thailand; “we made some changes in our lineup; our strategy was to concentrate on our reception and serving just to improve. Puerto Rico had a good defense and didn’t make it easy for us". When asked about what's their plan in play-offs against Brazil, he added "we will focus on serves to destroy their reception because they have taller players with big blocks that are difficult to control”.