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The Slivkova family is better represented than any other at the 2021 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship in Durango, Mexico, as twins Kamila and Simona are both part of the Slovakian roster in the tournament.

The 16-year-old twins are living a dream during the event in Mexico. Since they started playing volleyball, seven years ago, Simona, setter, and Kamila, middle blocker, have been sharing the courts. But they had never done it at such an important tournament.

“It’s amazing for us to be here together,” said Simona. “We started playing volleyball at the same time when we were nine and have always been together. To play with my sister at the World Championship is really special, a dream coming true.”

Simona is Slovakia's starting setter in the tournament

Simona is Slovakia's starting setter in the tournament

They are best friends, they say, but also admit that sometimes things can get heated inside the court when matches aren’t going well. That’s when the relationship that’s been developed since they were born makes a difference.

“We’re best friends, so no matter what happens, it’s always all good between us,” Kamila explained. “Sometimes I get angry at her when she doesn’t set me as much as I wanted. It can get difficult during matches because it’s always very emotional, but we’re always together, we talk a lot and never had a problem.”

The twins have their family supporting them from the stands in Durango

The twins have their family supporting them from the stands in Durango

Simona and Kamila aren’t, however, the only members of the Slivkova family present in Durango for the U18 World Championship. Their parents have made the trip all the way from Slovakia to be part of the country’s small, but loud, six-person fan base that’s making a lot of noise when the team plays at Auditorio del Pueblo.

“It’s really great to have our parents here,” Simona added. “When haven’t been playing with fans for a long time, so to have them and the other families here, it’s been really special and fun.”

The Slivkova twins and her Slovakian teammates will be back on the court on Sunday, for their Round of 16 matchup with Romania.