Volleyball Nations League 2021 - News

RV WU18 POLvsCAN (16)

For Wiktoria Zagumny being part of Poland’s national team at the 2021 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ Under-18 World Championship taking place in Durango, Mexico, is more than a dream. It is a family tradition.

Daughter of Polish volleyball player Pawel Zagumny, widely considered one of the best setters in the world, she is following in her father’s footsteps at what she hopes is the first of many World Championships. She plays the same position as her father and has the same number on her jersey as he had (5).

“Someday I wish to be like my father. His accomplishments have inspired me. Volleyball is part of my life and there aren’t enough words to describe the amazing feeling of representing Poland just like he did,” said Wiktoria.

Wiktoria started to play volleyball at the age of 11. Introduced to the sport by her father, a household name in Polish volleyball, she currently plays for the KS Metro Warszawa Volleyball Club. She has been part of the national team for three years as second setter in age-group international tournaments, representing Poland at the U17 European Championship and now at the FIVB U18 World Championship, just like her father back in 1996-97 who also represented his country at age-group tournaments.


Pawel Zagumny sets at the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship

“My father has given me advice which I appreciate and apply as much as I can, in my own way. I look up to him and playing the same position as him is in my blood. My grandfather and grandmother from his side also played as setters,” said Wiktoria.

Something her father told her before coming to the World Championship has really stuck. He told her not to stress out, to play at her own pace, just like she always has. “I always have that in mind and I am working hard to improve every day,” she added.

The Zagumny name on her jersey is a source of inspiration. “I am grateful rather than pressured. If people point me out as my father's daughter, it makes me smile because I look up to him, because he is always telling me how proud I make him feel.”

WU18-POLvsSRB (5)

Wiktoria Zagumny performing against Serbia in her 2021 FIVB Girls' U18 World Championship debut

Wiktoria performed in Poland’s debut in Durango losing to Serbia in five-sets, coming off the bench in the first, second and fifth sets. She also played in the first frame of their five-set victory against hosts Mexico.