Beach Pro Tour - News


A new Futures tournament in Marica, Brazil, has been added to the 2024 Beach Pro Tour calendar.

Marica is a new destination on the international beach volleyball calendar. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, just east of the city of Rio de Janeiro, its beachside venue will host a world-level tournament for the first time. The Brazilian Volleyball Federation will welcome the Beach Pro Tour there from December 5 to 8.

Additionally, the Beach Pro Tour Futures event planned in Negombo, Sri Lanka for the second half of December is postponed to 2025 following the request of the country’s national federation, while the stop in Lille, France has been cancelled following an official communication from the French Volleyball Federation. Meanwhile, the prize money for the Futures event in Baden, Germany has now increased to EUR 7,500.

After these changes, the Beach Pro Tour 2024 calendar features as many as 35 Futures events spread around the globe – in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. For comparison, the inaugural Beach Pro Tour season in 2022 offered 26 Futures events, and in 2023 the number rose to 31.

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